Contributing to Sequence Content

We’re looking for content creators, builders and bloggers to contribute articles and videos about our all-in-one web3 developer platform. Inspire and educate our community with your experience using Sequence. We’re interested in technical tutorials on something original you have built with our modular stack. And in addition to recognition you’ll be rewarded for your contribution, USDC 300 per piece.

What’s in it for you


Build your reputation

Contribute developer content and raise your profile online, building your reputation and increase your visibility in web3.


Build the web3 builder community

Empower builders to leverage Sequence’s all-in-one platform and improve their productivity, enhancing the web3 ecosystem.


Build your confidence

Create tutorials and share your skills and processes to not only enhance your knowledge, but also gain a new sense of confidence.


Build your rewards

Get rewarded financially with USDC 300 per piece, in addition to garnering community recognition, with the option to donate your payment to a good cause.

Guidelines for contributors

Content idea

Please submit your content idea to us before starting work on your article or video.

Original content

All work submitted must be original and not previously published elsewhere. Fear not, after it’s published you retain ownership and can republish it elsewhere.

Content focus and quality

Content should offer a practical, hands-on perspective and have instructional value. Please ensure that readers gain a clear takeaway or learning. Content should be high quality, with no spelling or grammatical errors in articles.

Recommended article length

1500 words for an article as a guide, with about 500 words latitude on either side. Longer articles may be split into a series of multiple posts.


Structure your writing with headings, subheadings and lists. When submitting a video, please include a breakdown of the content.

Linking out

Reference research, sources and data points to support your content.

Internal linking

Link to Sequence documentation and/or existing articles where appropriate.

Images and videos

Including high-resolution images/videos or illustrations in submissions is strongly encouraged. Please ensure that you appropriately credit sources or obtain royalty-free images/videos in the public domain

Article edits

We may suggest edits around structure, wording and style, primarily to address any grammatical issues and to improve readability.


As soon as we determine that your article or video idea meets our content requirements, we will confirm its acceptance. From the day of acceptance, we aim to have received a final draft from you within 3 weeks. A publication date will be confirmed once the final draft is submitted. You will receive your payment within 30 days of the article or video being published. Please note that submission does not guarantee publication and that we reserve the right to decline submissions that do not meet our content requirements.


Although you grant Sequence an unlimited license to publish and promote your article or video, you retain full ownership of your content. As a result, you are free to republish it elsewhere once it has been published by Sequence; for example, on your own blog or Medium page. All we require is that you add a rel=canonical tag to your post wherever possible, naming the original post at Sequence as the canonical URL.

Submit your idea

Let’s build together

Talk to our amazing community or team to learn more about how to Sequence your product.