Gas Tank & Relayer

Delight players with fast, gasless, and reliable transactions, and batched item checkout.

Effortless metatransactions


Use Sequence Gas Tank to sponsor gas for your players and enable frictionless purchases.

Fast and reliable

No failed transactions, no long waits. Sequence Relayer does away with common issues in NFT purchasing.

Parallel processing

Never worry about low throughput for your game: Sequence Relayer ensures that your game can sell items quickly and efficiently, saving you fees and lowering your carbon footprint. 

Batched transactions

Users can buy or send multiple items at once, including ERC20 coins, ERC721 collectibles, and ERC1155 game items all in the same transaction.

Go gasless. Make web3 invisible with abstracted gas fees.

Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Set up your Gas Tank & Relayer with Sequence Builder

Create your next web3-powered experience today with Sequence Builder—no blockchain experience required.

Case study: Cool Cats

Relayer iconRelayer

Cool Cats uses Sequence Relayer to power their minting and gaming experiences. Thanks to the integration, our partner has been able to:

  • Process 1m+ monthly transactions

  • Save $250,000+ gas fees

  • Achieve $100 of average savings per user

Stop fretting web3. Just build.

Create now with the Sequence Builder or with our developer docs. Want to learn more? Chat with a product expert or join our Discord community.