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Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Build web3 games with ease. Sequence Builder is the leading web3 game development platform with intuitive, plug-and-play tools. It provides everything you need to build your game in a single, convenient console.

Industry-leading wallet infrastructure. Unlock seamless player onboarding with Sequence wallet solutions.

Embedded Wallet

The most customizable, embeddable, and seamless non-custodial Wallet as a Service solution on the planet.

Sequence Kit

Onboard web2 and web3 players with the world’s best wallet connector.

Sequence Universal Wallet

Plug and play with web3’s most seamless smart contract / account abstraction wallet.

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Case study: Skyweaver

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Skyweaver, named “the best blockchain game” by NFT Insider, uses the Sequence stack to:

  • Mint and distribute 1m+ items

  • Index and display all ERC20 tokens and ERC1155 game items

  • Power in-game marketplace and $millions in volume

Case study Skyweaver
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Case study: Hunters On-Chain

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Hunters On-Chain is a web3 action RPG leveraging Sequence. The integration led to:

  • 4.5x higher day 30 retention

  • 7.2x higher average revenue per user (ARPU)

  • Greater whale spending vs. web2 version of game

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Hunters On-Chain

Case study: Cool Cats

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Cool Cats uses Sequence Gas Sponsorship to power their minting and gaming experiences.

  • 1M+ transactions per month processed through Sequence Gas Sponsorship

  • $250k gas fees saved

  • $100 average savings per user

Deliver amazing player experiences. Everything you need to build and maintain your web3 game or application.

Custom marketplaces

Easy NFT minting

Plug-and-play transactions

Real-time blockchain data

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If you talk about all web3 app infrastructure teams, Sequence is #1. Their products are the best out there. They understand UX and building high-quality infra tech that serves today's requirements and future needs for applications.

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder at Polygon

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Sequence Analytics

Sequence Analytics: Supercharge your game with powerful actionable insights to win the market

Sequence Analytics equips game developers with enriched data to better understand player behavior and optimize user experiences to drive game growth. Read all about this unique game analytics solution!

Xerial joins Sequence to accelerate growth, expand global presence, and serve more game developers

Xerial joins Sequence to accelerate growth, expand global presence, and serve more game developers

By welcoming the Xerial team to Sequence, we expand to new geographical markets, enhance our ability to serve game developers, and accelerate the growth of Sequence and web3 gaming.

Sequence Mobile SDK

Sequence Mobile SDK: Unleashing the best of web3 gaming on mobile

Equip your mobile game with web3 superpowers using the Sequence Mobile SDK! Our mobile SDK supports game developers in creating engaging web3 experiences on their mobile apps!

Xai Vanguard: Genesis powered by Sequence

Sequence powers Xai Vanguard: Genesis web3 questing campaign with Xai Builder

Sequence and Xai partner to empower developers on Xai with incentivized quests through the flagship Xai Builder developer console.

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