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Measure player growth, engagement, retention, monetization, and gain more insights using a customizable dashboard.

Direct access to on-chain gaming data and insights

Attract more players

Measure and monitor new player sign-ups and forecast your growth.

Increase engagement and retention

Chart in-game activity to improve the way you engage with players and turn them into fans.

Optimize monetization

Measure primary sales and secondary trading of your game's items.

Export and share your insights

Download reports of your game's analytics and share them with your team.

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Total control. Measure game performance seamlessly.

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Case study: Skyweaver

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Skyweaver, named “the best blockchain game” by NFT Insider, uses the Sequence stack to:

  • Mint and distribute 1m+ items

  • Index and display all ERC20 tokens and ERC1155 game items

  • Power in-game marketplace and $millions in volume

Case study Skyweaver
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Case study: Hunters On-Chain

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Hunters On-Chain is a web3 action RPG leveraging Sequence. The integration led to:

  • 4.5x higher day 30 retention

  • 7.2x higher average revenue per user (ARPU)

  • Greater whale spending vs. web2 version of game

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Hunters On-Chain

Case study: Cool Cats

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Cool Cats uses Sequence Gas Sponsorship to power their minting and gaming experiences.

  • 1M+ transactions per month processed through Sequence Gas Sponsorship

  • $250k gas fees saved

  • $100 average savings per user

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