Sequence integrates Scenario APIs to mint AI-generated loot for web3 games

June 4 2024

Sequence - Scenario Partnership

Sequence, the leading all-in-one development platform for integrating web3 into games, is teaming up with Scenario, a Generative AI (GenAI) Engine to enable developers to seamlessly create unique web3 gaming assets and experiences powered by AI.

This partnership highlights what’s possible when games combine GenAI with web3: players transcend conventional roles in becoming content creators, traders, and collectors, and as a result, influence the design and creation of new in-game economies.

Learn how Scenario and Sequence combine GenAI and web3 to advance content creation and fast-track game development.👇

GenAI and web3 empower players to create, own, and monetize their content

GenAI is a specialized branch of AI centered around content creation such as generating text, images, music, digital items, immersive worlds, and personalized stories. When integrated with web3 technology, which enables players to own in-game items like custom-designed weapons or fully-equipped characters on the blockchain, it transforms a game's player base into active contributors within the broader gaming ecosystem.

The combination of GenAI and web3 democratizes the metaverse for players and can unlock previously untapped revenue streams for players and developers alike. For example, personalized game items could be sold or traded on in-game marketplaces or on external platforms to be used in other virtual experiences.

Champions Ascension marketplace

Champions Ascension marketplace powered by Sequence

Personalizing game content and experiences with GenAI

Backed by Play Ventures, Decasonic, Anorak Ventures, Oculus, Riot Games, and Blizzard among others, Scenario enhances current game production workflows — covering ideation, conception, production, and marketing — through its advanced AI training capabilities. This allows developers to seamlessly create and integrate style-consistent assets into their gaming projects.

Scenario ensures full data traceability and is available as a web app and API. This flexibility allows for direct integration with popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, or even directly within games. Additionally, Scenario’s API enables developers to embed AI content mechanisms into their games, capable of generating hundreds of thousands of images concurrently without downtime — with options to mint these images on the blockchain.

But what’s the cost of integrating AI into gameplay?

Sequence Transaction API: Faster and cheaper blockchain transactions for games

Sequence Transaction API

Explore our Transaction API on Sequence Builder

Generating high volumes of AI content requires solid infrastructure and planning, especially for games powered by blockchain technology. 

With Sequence’s Transaction API, developers can plan and execute seamless AI-powered web3 workflows like fast and reliable in-game transactions and batched game item checkouts 👇

  • Effortless transactions: No failures or delays for actions like minting achievement tokens, airdropping NFTs, processing item purchases, or committing game data on-chain. Behind the scenes, Sequence operates a series of nodes on every chain standardized through the Sequence Node Gateway interface. This ensures that transactions are submitted on-chain with no overhead.

  • Gasless and convenient game experiences: Developers can focus on the game, not the gas costs! Sequence utilizes account abstraction technology, enabling developers to sponsor gas fees for in-game transactions so that players don’t need to worry about their wallet balance. Additionally, Sequence’s Transaction API automatically optimizes gas pricing for cost efficiency even during high transaction volumes.

  • Batched transactions: Developers and players can send or trade multiple items (ERC20 tokens, ERC721 collectibles, ERC1155 game items) within a single transaction.

The most common integration method for Sequence’s Transaction API is from a cloud server, or with a serverless setup such as Cloudflare Workers. We prepared guides for both integrations👇

We’ve also developed Go and TypeScript SDKs that simplify the integration of our Transaction API into any backend or frontend application👇

Sequence x Scenario: The impact of GenAI on web3 gaming

Scenario's GenAI toolkit provides the tools for developers to craft unique and personalized content like AI-generated loot and treasure chests based on each unique player’s journey. Sequence's Transaction API tackles the challenge of managing large volumes of in-game transactions efficiently and cost-effectively. This means developers can focus on building amazing games that players will love without worrying about infrastructure, development time, and cost-associated bottlenecks.

"The ecosystem partnership with Sequence further unlocks the potential of embedded AI mechanisms in web3 gaming titles. By combining Scenario's GenAI toolkit with Sequence's seamless infrastructure solutions, we're empowering developers to create personalized experiences for players that leverage the power of blockchain technology to deliver new forms of gameplay and enjoyment."

Emmanuel de Maistre, CEO @ Scenario

“We’ve entered an era where anyone can build anything based on anything, and web3 helps harness and accelerate what GenAI does. Our partnership with Scenario isn't just about customization or developer benefits, it's about fundamentally changing the dynamic of web3 gaming by employing AI and empowering players, creators, and developers, paving the way for new game designs.” Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships @ Sequence 

The partnership between Scenario and Sequence ensures that players can truly own their in-game creations. This fosters a deeper connection to the game and opens doors for new revenue streams like trading or selling digital items. Additionally, Sequence gives players smooth and reliable transactions, eliminating the frustration of failed purchases or long wait times.

Later this week, we’ll release a complete implementation guide for developers to seamlessly integrate AI-generated loot and treasure chests into their web3 game. To see this live in action, here’s a sneak peek at the Sequence Lootbox demo: Dungeon Minter 👇

The Dungeon Minter demo is about exploring dungeons to find treasure-filled loot boxes, which can be customized and minted on the blockchain. These items are stored in players' wallets and can be used in-game, traded, or used on other platforms. Scaling this model across a player base significantly boosts personalization, engagement, monetization, and retention, offering a vast potential for enhancing the gaming experience.

If you’d like to create an AI-powered web3 game, this week we’ll share a comprehensive guide on how to integrate a static HTML/JavaScript maze game into a web3-enabled React application in just 50-60 minutes! This guide will utilize tools from the Sequence stack to mint AI-generated rewards, providing a streamlined approach to building and enhancing your gaming project. Stay tuned!

Build web3 games with ease. Start exploring Sequence and Scenario.

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