Sequence x CropBytes: How a Fun Farming Game Creates Opportunities for Players, Builders, and Partners

April 28 2023

We’re thrilled to share even more exciting news about our ecosystem partnership with CropBytes, a play-to-earn (P2E) farming simulation game based on real-world economics.

Backed by more than 15 industry leaders such as Polygon, Draper Dragon, and Master Ventures and with over 550,000 downloads to date, CropBytes is giving every gamer the power to build, own, and participate in a new era of web3 gaming.

CropBytes was founded in 2018 and built by a team of veteran gamers, developers, and web3 enthusiasts. Crafted to benefit both creators and players alike, CropBytes is a simple yet intricately designed playscape that allows gamers to build a stable and sustainable economy on Polygon. Players can own a virtual farm and engage in various farming activities, from planting and harvesting crops to breeding and selling livestock. As the economy evolves, players can compete in more industries and use their skills to succeed in the immersive world of CropBytes.

About the Sequence x CropBytes Ecosystem Partnership

From a high-level perspective, our recent ecosystem partnership showcases how CropBytes leverages the Niftyswap Protocol powered by Sequence to enable gamers to buy and sell their in-game items on an external marketplace.

Whether you’re a gamer wanting to explore the exciting world of web3, a game developer looking for gameplay inspiration, or an organization looking for your next infrastructure partner, here’s everything you need to know about our collaboration with CropBytes and how it unlocks new opportunities for our community.

🎮 For Gamers

If you’re new to CropBytes, the game is available on AndroidiOS, and web and leverages various collectibles (in-game items) for different uses throughout the game. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll get access to a free trial pack to learn more about the game and the economy.

After completing the sign-up process, you’ll have the opportunity to grow crops and harvest them. Once harvested, you can grind them to make food for your animals or sell them to other players. Animals will have to be fed daily and in return, you’ll receive extracts like milk, wool, eggs, truffles, and more — basically everything you’ll need to grow your virtual farm.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that you have the freedom to devise your own game path. For example, if you decide to double down on dairy farming, you can sell your Apple Tree or any other CropBytes collectible on an external marketplace such as Niftyswap and dedicate the proceeds to growing your dairy empire. CropBytes is designed to be as realistic as possible and it’s entirely up to you which strategies you’ll take to maximize the growth of your farm.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular CropBytes player, the team is adding several liquidity pools on Niftyswap, our decentralized marketplace, for the top five performing collectibles within their collection. Starting with the Highland Cow, the most sought-after animal in CropBytes, additional liquidity will be added to other popular collectibles.

If you’re not familiar with liquidity pools, you can think of it as a shared piggy bank or virtual pool of money that people contribute to buying and selling things like in-game items. It helps ensure that there is always enough money available to make transactions and that the prices of items stay stable.

With the CropBytes collection now on Niftyswap, Sequence is continuing to find new ways to make web3 gaming more fun, accessible, and secure for all gamers. We’re focusing on user onboarding and breaking down barriers to ensure that anyone can participate.

So, what better way to experience this new and exciting dimension of gaming than through immersive gameplay?

Here’s how you can get started 👇

🛠 For Game Builders

At Sequence, we’re on a mission to make web3 easy, fun, and secure for users and game developers. That’s why great games decide to leverage our smart wallet and complete developer kit including our Niftyswap Protocol (powered by Sequence).

CropBytes is one of the many web3 games that have decided to integrate with Niftyswap, an automated market maker protocol designed to trade Semi-Fungible Tokens (ERC-1155s). Niftyswap operates on every EVM network and is built to prioritize user-friendly features and on-chain liquidity.

Sequence’s modular infrastructure stack is easy to integrate if you’re building a game requiring a smart wallet or marketplace. Whether you’re interested in building your own custom web3 collectibles marketplace using the Sequence Marketplace SDK or our no-code white-label marketplace, we have a solution that suits your needs.

Our recent integration with CropBytes is a great example of how the integration looks directly on Niftyswap and if you’re interested in learning more, here’s how you can get started 👇

🤝 CropBytes x Sequence: And Other Partners

At Sequence, we are proud to work with organizations like CropBytes and are thrilled about the immense benefits this collaboration continues to bring to the web3 community. We believe that our ecosystem partnership with CropBytes will drive increased community engagement, attract a more diverse range of users, create positive network effects, and foster community-led growth for gamers in the web3 space.

We strongly believe that our success with CropBytes is a testament to the value that Sequence Marketplaces can provide to other developers, builders, and organizations who wish to onboard new users to web3 with our seamless and secure tooling infrastructure.

“At CropBytes, we understand the significance of giving our users a smooth experience as they explore web3 gaming. To make this happen, we’ve teamed up with Sequence, a top provider of web3 technology. By using their innovative products like the Sequence Wallet and NiftySwap Assets AMM protocol, we’re confident that we can simplify the web3 learning process and offer an intuitive experience for our users. While we began as a web 2.5 game, we’re gradually incorporating web3 experiences as the industry evolves. Sequence will be our long-term partner in this journey.”

— Sheryl Varghese, Co-founder and CMO, CropBytes

“The collaboration between Sequence and CropBytes represents an important milestone in Sequence’s mission to make web3 easy, fun, and accessible for everyone. We’re excited to work alongside CropBytes to explore how web3 collectibles can enhance player experiences. We believe this ecosystem partnership helps create a more immersive gaming environment that will attract a wider audience and increase the adoption of web3 gaming in a way that’s fun, seamless, and secure.”

— Michael Sanders, Co-founder and Chief Storyteller, Sequence

Our complete suite of web3 solutions supports partners in scaling their projects, enhancing user experience, and delivering value to gamers and web3 enthusiasts. We are excited to work with more partners who share our vision of creating a user-centric era of gaming in web3.

💜 Join us on this journey as we continue to drive innovation and growth in the web3 ecosystem.

Players, developers, and web3 enthusiasts can now explore the CropBytes collection on Niftyswap powered by Sequence.

To stay up to date with new developments at Sequence, follow our Twitter account, and to learn more about our suite of tools, receive technical support, and engage with fellow web3 developers, join our community in Discord.

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About CropBytes

Sow the seeds of success in CropBytes: The ultimate virtual farming experience! CropBytes is a unique business strategy game that runs on real-world economics. Players can own virtual farms and trade rare assets and engage in other economic activities to build their business. As the economy evolves, players can compete in more industries and use their skills to succeed in the world of CropBytes.

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