Build in web3 with one powerful tool

Create and maintain web3 games with ease.

Plug-and-play builder apps. Everything you need to bring your game to the next level.


Seamless and secure player accounts


Launch and manage any smart contract for your game or app

Gas Sponsorship

Sponsor and abstract your users’ gas fees

Sequence Transaction API icon white

Transaction API

Seamless, fast, and guaranteed transactions and rewards

Sequence Collections icon white


Easily create and manage NFT collections


Serve real-time item data, wallet balances, and more


Create and embed a custom shop for any collection with enforced royalties

Node Gateway

Real-time access to on-chain data with 99.9% uptime

Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Gaming-grade web3 tools

Instantly start building with our plug-and-play Sequence Builder apps

Create marketplaces

Customize and launch an in-game marketplace in minutes.

Deploy and manage smart contracts

Create and manage any EVM contract, with pre-audited options for 721s and 1155s.


Make payments easy with fiat, crypto, credit, and debit card solutions.

Collaborate and elevate

Invite your team to collaborate with our plug-and-play applications.

We have been waiting for solutions like Sequence Builder. No more time spent trying to understand how web3 can enhance our player journey. Sequence Builder opens countless possibilities for us, in a few clicks and through a single interface.

Mike Levine

CEO of Mystic Moose

Set up integrations across the entire Sequence platform

Invisible, scalable, and secure wallets

Sequence created the industry standards of account abstraction and smart contract wallets. With Builder, developers can leverage multiple self-custody wallet solutions, from the completely invisible and headless Embedded Wallet, to Universal Wallet. With email or social login, or the ability to connect wallets to existing player accounts, you can choose what works best for your audience.

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Case study: Skyweaver

Sequence Builder iconSequence BuilderMarketplaces iconMarketplacesRelayer iconRelayerPayments iconPaymentsIndexer iconIndexerWallet Solutions iconWallet SolutionsNode Gateway iconNode GatewayMinter iconMinter

Skyweaver, named “the best blockchain game” by NFT Insider, uses the Sequence stack to:

  • Mint and distribute 1m+ items

  • Index and display all ERC20 tokens and ERC1155 game items

  • Power in-game marketplace and $millions in volume

Case study Skyweaver
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Case study: Hunters On-Chain

Relayer iconRelayerWallet Solutions iconWallet SolutionsIndexer iconIndexerUnity SDK iconUnity SDKNode Gateway iconNode Gateway

Hunters On-Chain is a web3 action RPG leveraging Sequence. The integration led to:

  • 4.5x higher day 30 retention

  • 7.2x higher average revenue per user (ARPU)

  • Greater whale spending vs. web2 version of game

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Hunters On-Chain

Case study: Cool Cats

Relayer iconRelayer

Cool Cats uses Sequence Gas Sponsorship to power their minting and gaming experiences.

  • 1M+ transactions per month processed through Sequence Gas Sponsorship

  • $250k gas fees saved

  • $100 average savings per user

Stop fretting web3. Just build.

Create now with the Sequence Builder or chat with a product expert to learn more.