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Launch an NFT collection in under 3 minutes without writing a single line of code.

Manage your NFT collections on easy mode

A metadata service for games

Effortlessly create and manage NFT collections and in-game items for ERC721s and ERC1155s on one, intuitive interface.

Streamlined and customizable

Upload images, define token properties, and configure metadata – all within a single platform. Integrate with Sequence Marketplaces to launch a secondary market in minutes.

Dynamic and powerful

With fine-grained permissions for viewing and editing across collaborators, team members can easily view, manage or deploy collections across mainnet and testnet networks.

Dynamic updates

Manage descriptions and metadata after launch with a simple UI.

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Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Dungeon Minter - Treasure Chests with AI Minting

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Sequence team created Dungeon Minter, a dungeon game where players can walk around a maze to discover loot boxes and generate, through AI, unique collectibles to mint to their Sequence Embedded Wallet.

You can play the game and learn more about how to build this experience yourself in our guide below.

Learn more
Sequence lootbox demo

Launch and manage your collection on Sequence Builder

Start using Sequence Collections for your art, collectibles, game passes, and more.

Read about web3 innovations to gaming

Learn more about web3, best practices, and what we’re up to.

Sequence - Aethir partnership

Sequence and Aethir partner to advance web3 gaming infrastructure and NFT ownership for players

Thanks to our partnership with Aethir, Sequence unlocks new avenues for web3 game distribution and accessibility. Game developers now have the processing power needed for ultra-low latency gaming at the lowest possible cost.

Sequence - Scenario Partnership

Sequence integrates Scenario APIs to mint AI-generated loot for web3 games

We are teaming up with Scenario, a GenAI Engine to enable developers to seamlessly create unique web3 gaming assets and experiences powered by AI!

Sequence Saltwater Games partnership

Sequence partners with Saltwater Games to create rewarding player experiences and incentives

Sequence's all-in-one development stack now supports Saltwater Games to seamlessly integrate blockchain features into games built on their Arbitrum Orbit Layer 3 chain, XR One! Read all the details of this partnerships!

Sequence x Xai partnership: Xai Builder

Sequence partners with Xai to launch Xai Builder, an epic Layer 3 developer console for AAA gaming

Today we launch Xai Builder, the all-in-one developer console to integrate web3 into games powered by Sequence. Developers and content creators now have everything they need to build games that players will love.

Stop fretting web3. Just build.

Create now with the Sequence Builder or chat with a product expert to learn more.