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Embeddable smart contract wallet for seamless user onboarding

With the smartest web3 wallet, Sequence gives your users a seamless onboarding and web3 experience. Embed on any screen, game, or dapp—no install required. Browser + app + extension.


Social / email login

Users easily create an account and sign in via email, Google, Facebook or other socials. No blockchain knowledge or seed phrases required.


Fiat-to-crypto-and-NFTs onramps

Users can buy crypto, collectibles and NFTs using debit or credit cards.

No gas fees for your users

Sponsor transactions so your users won’t pay gas. Or, choose not to sponsor, and your users will be able to pay for gas in any token of their choice.


Easy Transactions

With the Sequence transaction relayer, users don’t need to worry about gas prices, gas limits, or stuck transactions.

Multi-chain support

Sequence can support all EVM-compatible chains. Currently, it supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and others are being added.


Multi-key security

Self-custodial, smart contract, multi-signature design with key rotation gives your users top-notch security and account recovery in a friendly format.


Built-in bridges

Your users can easily bridge assets from a different network over to your dapp, directly from inside their wallets.


Built-in swaps

Your users can easily swap between tokens directly inside their wallets—perfect in case your dapp requires a specific token.


Awesome NFT and token support

Sequence auto-indexes all NFTs and tokens, so they automatically display in your users’ wallets, complete with artwork/video and metadata.


Batch and parallelize transactions

Enable higher throughput by batching and parallelizing transactions—saving time and fees, and reducing your carbon footprint.


Mint tokens and NFTs

Our token and NFT APIs let you easily mint coins, collectibles and NFTs.


Build your custom NFT marketplace

Use our Niftyswap protocol—an automated market maker for ERC1155s—to create your custom NFT marketplace where users can instantly sell and buy.

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