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Gas Sponsorship

Delight your players with fast and reliable purchases, trades, and in-game activities.

Create seamless web3 UX by sponsoring players’ gas fees

Frictionless experiences

Target specific contract or wallet addresses for gas sponsorship so players can start exploring your game in seconds.

Smooth development

All testnet transactions are automatically sponsored, so you can build and scale with peace of mind.

Simplified management

Sequence Builder offers an intuitive interface that simplifies managing gas sponsorships and delivers detailed reports on sponsored transactions.

Gas Sponsorship Sequence Builder

Set up Gas Sponsorship on Sequence Builder

Create smooth, gasless experiences for your players.

Case study: Cool Cats

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Cool Cats uses Sequence Gas Sponsorship to power their minting and gaming experiences.

  • 1M+ transactions per month processed through Sequence Gas Sponsorship

  • $250k gas fees saved

  • $100 average savings per user

Stop fretting web3. Just build.

Create now with the Sequence Builder or chat with a product expert to learn more.