Mobile SDK

Equip your mobile app with web3 superpowers using the Sequence Mobile SDK. No blockchain experience required.

Mobile-app compatible

Bring your infrastructure in-app

Many web3 wallets and infrastructure work only on browser. But the Sequence Mobile SDK ensures your stack is natively supported in your app.

Built for where your users go

Whether your app is mobile only or available across platforms like PC and console, the Sequence Mobile SDK ensures a seamless experience for your users.

Grow, retain, and monetize your players

Delight your players with tradable items, unique rewards, and player-driven economies to drive engagement, retention, and monetization.

Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Start building on mobile with Sequence Builder

Create your next web3-powered experience today with Sequence Builder—no blockchain experience required.

Read about web3 innovations to gaming

Learn more about web3, best practices, and what we’re up to.

Understanding calldata compression and what it means for web3 game devs using Sequence smart wallets

Understanding calldata compression and what it means for web3 game devs using Sequence smart wallets

What is calldata compression? How does it impact the work of web3 game developers and players' experience?

Spellborne Sequence WaaS partnership 1440

Sequence WaaS (Wallet as a Service) offers seamless and secure onboarding to Spellborne’s web3 world

Spellborne chose to integrate with Sequence Wallet as a Service (WaaS) to acquire, retain, and incentivize web3 players with fun and immersive game designs!

Sequence Waypoint gaming partnership

Sequence Builder powers Spike’s Waypoint Gaming community to generate virtuous web3 gaming ecosystems

We proudly announce our partnership with Waypoint Gaming, which aims to bridge the gap between game developers, content creators, and players thanks to our powerful web3 gaming development platform, Sequence Builder.

Greg Canessa joins Horizon Blockchain Games and Sequence as President and COO

Greg Canessa, Creator & GM of Xbox Live Arcade and former Google and Activision Blizzard executive, joins as President & COO

Greg Canessa is the new President and COO of Horizon Blockchain Games! Read more about his vision for gaming, web3, and Sequence, and why the decision to join our team was an easy one for him.

Stop fretting web3. Just build.

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