Unity SDK

Your web3 infrastructure needs to work with your game engine. With the Unity SDK, the entire Sequence stack, from wallets to marketplaces, works seamlessly inside your Unity-based game or app.

Game-engine compatible

Bring your infrastructure in-game

Many web3 wallets and infrastructure work only on browser. But many of the best games don’t live only on browser. The Sequence Unity SDK ensures your stack is natively supported in your game client on any platform.  

Built for where your users go

Users expect cross-platform experiences, letting them navigate your game or app on a PC, console, or mobile device. Sequence’s Unity SDK makes that possible. 

Grow, retain, and monetize your players

Delight your players with tradable items, unique rewards, and player-driven economies to drive engagement, retention, and monetization.

Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Start building on Unity with Sequence Builder

Create your next web3-powered experience today with Sequence Builder—no blockchain experience required.

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Case Study: Hunters On-Chain

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Hunters On-Chain is a web3 RPG that leverages the Unity SDK to make Sequence stack fully compatible with the Unity game engine. This means:

  • Seamless player journeys across devices

  • New web3-powered experiences for its player base , leading to:

  • 4.5x higher day 30 retention

  • 7.2x higher average revenue per user (ARPU)

  • Greater whale spending vs. web2 version of game

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Hunters On-Chain

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