Wallet Solutions

Wallet options for seamless player accounts, onboarding, and payments.

1M+ existing Sequence wallets

Over $40M in transactions processed

12M+ transactions relayed

Support for every EVM network, subnet, and app chain

Embedded Wallets

Sequence Smart WaaS offers the most customizable and seamless self-custody, account abstraction Wallet as a Service in the world. No compromises. Just pure gaming.

Complete customization

Make self-custody accounts that look and feel native to your game.

No transaction signing or pop-ups

Keep blockchain in the background and players immersed in your game with seamless transactions.

Email, social, or existing auth login

Let users onboard with the methods that are easy and familiar to them, like existing player profiles.

Embedded without add ons

Sequence Smart WaaS never requires app downloads, extensions, or add ons. It's embedded and invisible.

Supports all EVM chains, L2s, app chains and subnets

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Case Study: Sunflower Land

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Sunflower Land is a farm-based RPG simulator. The game chose Sequence Wallet to:

  • Onboard 170,000+ players without downloads or seed phrases

  • Batch and sponsor 400,000+ monthly transactions

  • Distribute 240,000+ digital items to its community

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Sequence Kit

The world’s best wallet connector, Sequence Kit serves both web2 users brand new to blockchain, and web3 users who already have a wallet.

Fast and easy wallet creation

Support for existing wallets

Seamless in-game experience

Built-in NFT checkout

Set up your wallet integration with Sequence Builder

Create your next web3-powered experience today with Sequence Builder—no blockchain experience required.

Sequence Wallet: a smart contract wallet for games

Sequence Wallet is the gold standard in account abstraction and two-click wallet creation

Plug-and-play smart wallet features

Try the Sequence Wallet app for yourself or integrate it directly into your game for your players.

Launch Sequence Wallet

Read about our Wallet Solutions

Learn more about web3, best practices, and what we’re up to.

Sequence x Flooftopia web3 partnership

Embarking on a web3 adventure: unveiling the exclusive partnership between Sequence and Flooftopia

Flooftopia’s commitment to seamless player experiences and Sequence's wallet cutting-edge technology are coming together to create a synergy that undoubtedly changes the way players engage with web3 games.

Partnership Sequence Cryptounicorns

Sequence x Crypto Unicorns: Start your next web3 adventure in PvP gaming

Explore the exciting world of Crypto Unicorns, the seamlessness of the Sequence Wallet, and how our latest ecosystem partnership is changing the way players interact with blockchain gaming and the broader web3 environment.

Sequence Kit wallet connector

Introducing our new wallet connector Sequence Kit: streamlining the way gamers access and experience web3

Sequence is excited to introduce Sequence Kit, a revolutionary advancement in onboarding new users, serving existing web3 users, and bringing items and payments directly into your game or app.

Partnership Esports Heroes

Sequence x Esports Heroes: building unique and user-friendly web3-powered experiences in the world of esports

Discover all the intricacies of Esports Heroes and witness how Sequence Wallet is transforming its web3 vision into a tangible reality.

Stop fretting web3. Just build.

Create now with the Sequence Builder or with our developer docs. Want to learn more? Chat with a product expert or join our Discord community.