Create AI-generated rewards for your web3 game in less than 60 minutes

June 6 2024

Create AI-generated rewards for your web3 game in less than 60 minutes

Following our recent partnership announcement with Scenario, a GenAI Engine and content creation tool, we have even more exciting news to share! 👀 We’ve recently published a comprehensive walkthrough guide to help developers integrate a static HTML/JavaScript maze into a web3 game. In this guide, we will create a web3 application built in React, leveraging tools from the Sequence stack to mint AI-generated loot from treasure chests using an Embedded Wallet for authentication, and Cloudflare workers for easy, no-confirmation transactions. Follow our step-by-step guide and open source code template to focus on building what matters most — immersive and engaging web3-powered games that players will love — and accelerate your time to market. Let’s go! ⚒️

Game guide: Treasure chests with AI minting

Treasure Chests with AI Minting

Sequence guide - Treasure Chests with AI Minting

The Sequence web3 loot box guide will provide you with the resources to:

  • Leverage Sequence Embedded Wallets in your React app: Set up a project on Sequence Builder, integrate Sequence Kit, and create a seamless, non-custodial login functionality that allows the player to authenticate with Google or Apple auth and creates a Sequence Embedded Wallet behind the scenes.

  • Deploy a smart contract and mint NFTs: Deploy an ERC-1155 contract, sponsor gas for transactions, and set up a Cloudflare Worker for gasless minting.

  • Generate AI art and store media: Use Scenario to generate images based on prompts, store the generated image URL in Sequence Metadata Service, and integrate it with your game’s front-end UI.

Our step-by-step integration guide covers everything you need to integrate a static maze into your game with AI-generated loot for players — in less than 60 minutes.

AI-generated loot in action: The Sequence Dungeon Minter

We’ve developed a live gameplay demo to showcase AI-generated loot minting in action — explore the Sequence Dungeon Minter!

In Dungeon Minter, players delve into a complex network of dungeon passages to uncover treasure chests. Loot found in these chests can be personalized and minted as unique digital assets (NFTs) on the blockchain, and then stored in a player’s wallet. This system allows players to use their loot in-game, trade it with others, or even utilize it on different platforms. 

The Sequence Dungeon Minter offers a glimpse into a future where AI-generated NFTs can significantly enhance the gaming experience.  If you’re interested in testing out the demo, all you need to do is 👇 Login to Dungeon Minter using your Google or Apple authentication powered by Sequence Embedded Wallets. Go on an adventure and browse through our Dungeon Minter maze to find treasure chests.

Dungeon Minter demo

Users will need to rotate the lock on the treasure chest until the lock pattern forms a solid, connected line.

Sequence Dungeon Minter - Treasure chest combination

Once you’ve unlocked the treasure chest, a message will appear while your dynamically generated loot loads. The loot is generated from random attributes leveraging the Scenario’s API.

Sequence Dungeon Minter - Treasure chest unlocked and Scenario’s GenAI content creation engine API used

After a few seconds, your loot will appear. Your item will include an image and metadata including the specs of the NFT such as performance attributes and rarity. You’ll also have the option to mint the loot to your wallet.

Sequence Dungeon Minter - AI-generated NFT
Sequence Dungeon Minter - AI-generated NFT minted

After selecting the ‘Mint to wallet’ option, click the button on the bottom right-hand corner ‘open wallet’. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll see your freshly minted loot item in your wallet. Within your smart wallet, you’ll also have the option to transfer your loot to other players. 

Sequence Dungeon Minter - minted NFT within player wallet

And that’s a wrap! For now at least. Explore the dungeon as we continue to build and unravel more unique web3-powered features with loot and rewards around every corner. We’ll continue to iterate and improve on our Dungeon Minter demo with updates to our code and integration guide added to our documentation. As this framework of gameplay gains adoption, it'll unlock significant positive impacts for web3 game developers such as increased personalization, deeper player engagement, exciting monetization opportunities, and improved player retention. 

If you’re a developer:

And if you’re a gamer, test out Dungeon Minter and let us know what you think!

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