Introducing our new partner: BoomLand

December 23 2022

Sequence x Bloomland partnership

Today, we’re delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with BoomLand! BoomLand is a leading web3 game developer and publisher of casual and mid-core games, delivering high-quality web3 projects to traditional gamers at mass scale. The BoomLand team strives to build a vibrant web3 community with its own marketplace and Play-and-Earn ecosystem accessible to all.

BoomLand’s first Play-and-Earn game Hunters On-Chain will be released this month to a limited number of partner communities and for their Discord members. A full release with various game modes will launch after their game assets offering in January 2023.

Hunters on Chain Game

Hunters On-Chain is based on BoomBit’s top mid-core game that has generated over 5 million downloads in its first year, with impressive retention rates and an engaged community with 56,000 Discord members.

The BoomLand team are veteran mobile game development specialists, and bring blockchain market knowledge to an extensive traditional gaming background. They have addressed the challenges in bringing players from web2 to web3 through creative new user onboarding and demonstrating the value of Play-and-Earn games.

“For the end user, we wanted to create familiar gaming experiences, both from a UI and UX perspective, to properly scale blockchain gaming to its full potential, reaching billions of web2 mobile players” — Tommy Jamet, Head of Blockchain Product, BloomLand

Sequence’s all-in-one web3 developer platform and smart wallet equipped BoomLand with a perfect solution to meet the challenge of winning over web2 players. Sequence makes it possible for new users to create a non-custodial, multi-chain smart contract wallet in two clicks — without needing to download anything or worry about seed phrases. Sequence Wallet is a solution that provides enhanced security, flexibility, valuable features, and a great user experience.

Build Web3 games with Ease

BoomLand’s focus is to bring web3 games, and the experience of digital ownership that comes with it, to millions of mobile gamers. In order to capture and hold players’ interest, they need to reproduce the web2 mobile app experience while injecting the benefits of self-custodial wallets into their games.

“We’ve looked at many different offers that had mobile wallet integrations, but we couldn’t find a wallet that was closer to the web2 experience than Sequence, and that’s why we chose to go with their solution” — Tommy Jamet, Head of Blockchain Product, BloomLand

BoomLand aspires to be as accessible as possible for non-crypto users. With Hunters On-Chain, BoomLand brings free-to-play web3 gameplay to thousands — and possibly millions — of mobile gamers. In the near future, they’re planning to introduce a renting feature that will allow players to rent NFT characters and NFT items, along with an easy-to-use game-fi platform.

At Sequence, we’re excited about the bright future of web3 gaming and are thrilled to have BoomLand enter the space. We’re proud to have BoomLand as partners and to support Hunters On-Chain and subsequent Play-and-Earn games enter web3.

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About BoomLand

BoomLand is the leading web3 game developer & publisher of casual and mid-core games, providing mass adoption of high-quality web3 projects to traditional gamers. Our vision is to create a new web3 community with its marketplace and Play-and-Earn ecosystem accessible to all.

BoomLand Ecosystem is a seamless entry to the web3 world for billions of mobile gamers. We publish fun web3 games with a proven track record that can interest people in earning mechanics and entertaining gameplay first.

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