Introducing Sequence Builder: the world’s first all-in-one, no-code platform for web3 game developers

November 30 2023

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Today, we’re excited to unveil a groundbreaking solution that promises to reshape web3 game development—Sequence Builder. This no-code platform is not just a tool; it's a game-changer that gives developers, builders, and creators the unprecedented ability to bring web3 visions to life. 

Until now, creating web3 games has been a formidable challenge marked by poor player experiences, fragmented tools, and complex implementations. Developers faced a tough choice between integrating web3 and crafting exceptional games. Sequence Builder eliminates the need to choose.

🛠️ Sequence Builder: key benefits and features

1. A full-stack revolution

Sequence Builder is the world's first full-stack, no-code dashboard designed to empower game developers. The platform eliminates the friction of implementing web3 into games, ensuring a seamless journey for both developers and players.

Invisible web3 wallets and player accounts, smart contract management, launching digital collections and in-game marketplaces, transaction batching and gas sponsorship, blockchain data, node services, player analytics, and more!

All of Sequence’s web3 gaming stack in one intuitive dashboard.

2. Effortless web3 integration into your game

Use Sequence Builder to integrate web3 in minutes, without wasting time on complex integration processes. Choose which blockchain network to launch your game on, deploy pre-audited smart contracts effortlessly, enable gasless transactions for in-game purchases using various payment methods (debit card, credit card, fiat, crypto), access insights on player activity, and launch marketplaces in two clicks, without any coding skills.

Building seamless web3 gaming experiences, from account creation to secondary trading, has never been this fast and easy!

3. Customize and monetize your game infrastructure 

With Sequence Builder, you and your players can enjoy a fully branded and customized experience. In under two minutes, you can launch custom marketplaces and journeys that align with your game's aesthetic and ecosystem. You can create, launch, and manage digital collections, distribute community rewards, and enforce royalties and fees in just a few clicks.

By eliminating the need for third-party involvement and putting control back into your hands, Sequence Builder not only accelerates the development process but also enhances community engagement and loyalty, opening up entirely new revenue streams through primary and secondary markets. 

4. A whole ecosystem to build on

Sequence Builder is compatible with all EVM chains, subnets, and app chains. It supports Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile, and web, giving you the power to reach gamers on any device or platform, and marking a new era of accessibility for web3. Turn on support for new chains with the flip of a switch. And if you don’t see a specific EVM network supported yet, reach out and we’ll set it up in no time!

Breaking free from the constraints of fragmented tools and complex implementations, our revolutionary no-code dashboard streamlines the entire web3 game development process. 

Sequence Builder solves web3 tech, so your team can focus its energy on what truly matters:  building awesome games and experiences that your players will love.

🚀 Get started with Sequence Builder

Are you ready to embark on a journey of seamless web3 game development? Visit Sequence Builder's page dedicated page and unlock the potential of Sequence Builder. You can also visit our Docs section, where we’ll have multiple demos, tutorials, and community-sourced use cases available for you!

 In the meantime, start building and join the conversation: share your thoughts on Sequence Builder with us and our dev community on Twitter and Discord! And show us what you’re building by using the #SequenceBuilder hashtag on social media.

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share with us, reach out to our team through our dedicated form or read some of the most frequently asked questions about Sequence Builder below. 

❓Sequence Builder FAQ❓

1. Who would benefit from using Sequence Builder?

Sequence Builder caters to a broad spectrum of game developers and studios from indie to AAA, whether you are new to web3 or experienced professionals looking to explore the latest in gold-standard web3 gaming technology.

2. Are there tutorials on how to get started with Sequence Builder?

You will soon find a full list of resources and walkthrough videos in our Docs section. Each page will cover a specific topic, guiding you step by step through integrating any web3 feature you’ll need.

3. Do I have to download any software or app to use Sequence Builder?

No software or app is required. Sequence Builder works on all web browsers, desktop, and mobile.

4. Can I request a full demo of Sequence Builder?

Visit our Sequence Builder page and sign up for a demo. Our team will reach out to better understand your needs and run you through the platform’s features.

5. How long does it take to customize and deploy a white-label marketplace?

About one minute.

6. How long does it take to integrate Sequence’s wallet solutions in Sequence Builder?

About one minute.

7. How much does Sequence Builder cost?

You will be able to find all of Sequence Builder pricing plans on our dedicated page. And for any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact form!

8. How do I get in contact with the Sequence team if I have questions or proposed new features?

Join our dev community, ask any questions, or give us any feedback on Discord or through our contact form!

9. How do we co-market with Sequence/how do we get my project on Sequence's radar/ecosystem page?

For any partnership requests or initiatives, please send an email to our marketing team at marketing[at], we’ll get back to you very soon! And share your building experience on social media with the #SequenceBuilder hashtag.

Sequence is the all-in-one web3 gaming development platform. Reward your players while simultaneously opening up new revenue streams. With Sequence, your team can easily incorporate web3 experiences into your games, without sacrificing your players’ experience or risking your brand’s reputation. From collectible cosmetics and ownable rewards to fully on-chain experiences, Sequence’s modular stack solves the technical challenges, so you can focus on building great games. Start today at

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