Embarking on a web3 adventure: unveiling the exclusive partnership between Sequence and Flooftopia

November 21 2023

Sequence x Flooftopia web3 partnership

Sequence, the all-in-one web3 gaming development platform, has officially joined forces with Flooftopia, the web3 online RPG title developed by Crypto Loops! 

Flooftopia’s commitment to seamless player experiences and Sequence's cutting-edge technology are coming together to create a synergy that undoubtedly changes the way players engage with web3 games. 

Both partners proudly count themselves as members of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) to foster innovation and collaboration with industry-leading projects. This alliance underscores the collective efforts of industry leaders, united in their dedication to advancing the web3 gaming ecosystem. As we embark on this thrilling partnership, we must recognize the synergy within the BGA community, where collaboration and innovation drive a more vibrant and dynamic gaming landscape to shape the future of the web3 gaming landscape.

Find out all the details about Sequence x Flooftopia integration, and how this partnership is fostering innovative and seamless web3 player experiences for the broader gaming community.

Flooftopia: a game where imagination meets reality

Flooftopia stands as one of the pioneers in web3 gaming, offering a one-of-a-kind online RPG experience. 

This game combines timeless RPG mechanics, cooperative gameplay, and the endearing presence of Floofs - the main game characters - into a unique gaming experience that appeals to all audiences. It boasts a vast world teeming with diverse flora, fauna, and biomes, all centered around the Great Tyyneys-Floof Tree. With an abundance of discoveries to be made and new friends to meet, there's always something to do, room to grow, and adventures to embark upon within Flooftopia. Also, the game will constantly evolve over time since the decisions made by players in-game have far-reaching outcomes on Flooftopia’s gameplay.

The game could represent the zenith of what MMORPGs can be when transformed into community-driven, non-combat web3 adventures. 

One more aspect that sets Flooftopia apart is its focus on character customization. Thanks to a Modular Character Creator (MCC), any player and game developer can build their own character NFTs, which can then be used within the entire web3-gaming ecosystem. Its quick set up can be implemented into any developer’s project and is compatible with any blockchain featuring NFT capabilities.

Flooftopia’s initial goal in launching this customizable and modular NFT creator experience is to make 1000 Floof NFTs, with a unique rarity element, available to its community. Upon the game’s launch, players will be able to build and play with their very own Floof NFT and will only be able to mint through the Sequence Wallet. No pay-to-win though, these Floof’s benefits can be retrieved in-game too! Stay tuned!

How Sequence and Flooftopia’s partnership will advance the web3 ecosystem

Flooftopia's commitment to seamless player experiences, community-driven gameplay, and innovative technology perfectly aligns with Sequence's cutting-edge web3 smart wallet solutions. This latest integration mirrors the successful collaborations Sequence has previously undertaken with Esports Heroes, BoomLand, Magic Eden, and many other popular titles within the web3 gaming ecosystem.

Sequence is built by Horizon, the creators of Skyweaver - named 2022’s best blockchain game - and co-author of several standards associated with account abstraction, the technology behind today’s web3 wallets (smart wallets).

Traditionally, signing up or logging into a game implementing blockchain features has been historically burdensome, for developers to build and for players to experience. Multiple steps, downloads, and security concerns over lost seed phrases to recover the wallet have been the biggest challenges.

“Innovation in gaming is key, but too many compromises have had to be made by developers to fit web3 into their game titles instead of using this technology to create enhanced experiences for their player base. Today, our partnership with Sequence and our integration with their wallet signifies that traditional web3 player UX issues have now been solved. We can finally make our Flooftopia vision a reality!” Said Conward Swift, CEO at Flooftopia, created by Crypto Loops

Thankfully critical web3 tech advances have largely solved this critical problem area, without compromising on security. With the Sequence Universal Wallet, the gold standard in account abstraction wallets, these issues have now been solved.

Thanks to Sequence, players are able to create a non-custodial, multi-chain smart contract wallet for Flooftopia in two clicks — without needing to download anything or worry about seed phrases. Sequence Wallet is a solution that will provide enhanced security, flexibility, valuable features, and a great player experience to all Floofs fans, regardless of whether they have any experience in or heard of web3. Some of the main new benefits will be the following:

  • Faster player onboarding - Players will create a self-custodial Sequence Wallet using their social accounts or email, with no seed phrases.

  • Built-in NFT checkout - Gamers are very familiar with buying online game items or doing e-commerce purchases online; this process can be replicated for buying digital items and collectibles by using NFT checkout, thereby creating a familiar experience for all users.

  • Less costs for developers and players - Flooftopia is able to sponsor and batch transactions, helping save money on gas fees.

  • Easier in-game exchanges - Fiat-to-crypto onramps and payments are available to players. Multiple on-ramp providers have been integrated into Sequence Wallet to ensure maximum geographical coverage to support users based on where they are located.

  • Accessibility - Sequence is accessible on any web browser, desktop, or mobile; ensuring users can always easily access their account.

 "The team at Flooftopia has done an amazing job putting players first. From their core game design to their innovations, we’re proud to have them as a partner. Sequence is specifically designed for games and their team takes full advantage by not compromising on features as they would have to with other tools." Benjamin Ray, Business Development and Gaming Partnerships at Sequence.

Here are several resources to find out more about Flooftopia and embark on your thrilling web3 gaming journey:

Flooftopia Website Flooftopia Blog Flooftopia Twitter Flooftopia Discord

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