Sequence and Aethir partner to advance web3 gaming infrastructure and NFT ownership for players

June 11 2024

Sequence - Aethir partnership

We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Aethir, the only decentralized GPU marketplace revolutionizing compute resources more efficiently and cost-effectively.  Our partnership with Aethir marks a major milestone in bridging the gap between cloud gaming and blockchain-powered gaming to leverage their globally accessible and secure decentralized cloud infrastructure, eliminating a single failure point and ensuring critical operations run smoothly. Learn how Sequence and Aethir are powering web3 gaming infrastructure and explore an exciting opportunity: Sequence developers can apply for free Aethir credits!

Aethir: powering web3 gaming through decentralized GPUs

Aethir disrupts cloud computing by creating a shared marketplace for unused/underutilized processing power. Unlike traditional cloud infrastructure providers, Aethir leverages a network built on Arbitrum, allowing anyone to contribute spare GPU power from their devices.

Aethir has a distributed network of over 2000 NVIDIA H100s and more than 40,000 additional top-shelf GPUs available for enterprise clients in the gaming and AI industries. Aethir’s DePIN stack is powered by over 75,000 Checker Nodes, across 22,000 node operators tasked with ensuring optimal quality of cloud computing service at all times. This innovative approach cuts costs dramatically and increases accessibility for game developers and game publishers to broaden their reach and provide gamers with seamless experiences, supercharging game engagement and accessibility. Aethir's network provides the muscle needed for demanding tasks like ultra-low latency gaming and AI applications, all at the lowest possible price.

By distributing and decentralizing GPU ownership and processing across a global network, Aethir eliminates reliance on single GPU providers and fosters a more democratic and secure digital vision, creating a more diverse landscape of game and content creation. This unlocks profound possibilities for new players in the web3 tech industry and lays the groundwork for an increasingly more efficient and interconnected global GPU cloud. Backed by Framework Ventures, Animoca Brands, Hashkey, and others, Aethir currently counts more than +2M community members, 200,000 users, and 23 node locations, including collaborations with web3 brands such as Magic Eden, Mocaverse, Animoca, and more.

Empowering developers, advancing infrastructure: Sequence and Aethir's shared vision for web3 gaming

Sequence equips game developers and creators with the resources to grow communities, generate revenue, and keep players engaged through web3 functionalities like in-game payments, marketplaces, smart wallets, and gasless transactions. This is where Cloud infrastructure plays a vital role.

By joining forces with Aethir's decentralized GPU network, Sequence unlocks new avenues for web3 game distribution and accessibility. This collaboration gives game developers the processing power needed for ultra-low latency gaming at the lowest possible cost.

"Sequence is a perfect partner to advance Aethir's vision in scaling web3 gaming,” said Paul Thind, Chief Revenue Officer at Aethir. “Their development platform empowers studios; our decentralized network fuels those creations. Together, we're building the infrastructure for a future where anyone can contribute to, and benefit from web3 gaming. We're excited to collaborate with Sequence and see the innovative web3 titles that emerge from this powerful combination." Additionally, Sequence and Aethir are teaming up to address the long-term accessibility hurdle traditionally associated with web3 gaming: what happens to these items if the game's developer abandons the project? Server upkeep is a significant cost, and without ongoing maintenance, games become unplayable. Aethir can leverage the power of distributed cloud computing and platforms like Instaplay to solve the issue while using Sequence technology to integrate these features seamlessly and securely.

This results in smoother game distribution and guarantees players continued access to their prized possessions, even if the original developer is no longer involved. This innovative approach has the potential to change web3 gaming forever by enabling a community-driven server management system, advancing a future where both developers and players reap the rewards.

“This partnership solves a critical challenge for web3 game developers: access to affordable, high-performance computing power. By integrating Aethir's technology, Sequence empowers developers to build seamless games with the power to truly captivate players. This not only enhances the gaming experience but opens up the potential for a future where communities can co-own their games, ensuring the lasting value of their in-game items”

Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sequence

To support game developers and content creators in crafting unique and immersive web3 experiences, Sequence developers can apply for a grant of Aethir credits.

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