Sequence Builder powers Spike’s Waypoint Gaming community to generate virtuous web3 gaming ecosystems

February 7 2024

Sequence Waypoint gaming partnership

Sequence proudly announces its strategic partnership with Waypoint Gaming, the visionary gaming community and platform founded by web3 content creator and esports athlete, Spike!

This collaboration sees Waypoint bridging the gap between game developers, content creators, and players powered by Sequence's powerful web3 gaming development platform, Sequence Builder.

Read all about Waypoint, its mission, and how Sequence is helping to generate a utility-based ecosystem to create unique and virtuous flywheels that can span across the entire web3 gaming space, bringing user acquisition and revenue to games 

What is Waypoint?

Waypoint Gaming is the web3 gaming community founded by renowned content creator Spike. Those who have been in the web3 gaming space long enough will certainly name him as one of the OGs of the industry, whose journey into the blockchain evolved into becoming a full-on gaming entrepreneur, with the mission to inspire and empower gamers and content creators in web3.

As part of this mission, Waypoint was founded in late 2022 to address the challenges of game developers, content creators, and players alike.

Sequence Builder will power Waypoint as it solves three major challenges in the innovative gaming space. Developers building games in web3 have struggled to reach and establish partnerships with content creators and streamers willing to feature their gaming titles and help them acquire new players in the first development phases. Likewise, creators often lack the necessary resources and guidance to grow their audience among the gaming community. Finally, players often struggle to discover web3 games that truly entertain them and end up disappointed by the experience they are faced with, often returning to traditional titles. 

Waypoint’s goal is to connect these three categories and generate flywheels that help advance the web3 gaming space as a whole.

Waypoint frequently organizes gaming nights, competitive tournaments, and creative contests, immersing members in quality web3 games like Nifty Island, Kuroro Beasts, Shrapnel, and many other gaming titles. The spirit of camaraderie and competition thrives here, making Waypoint not just a platform, but a dynamic gaming haven. 

“Waypoint is revolutionizing gaming by creating new ways for gamers to discover and interact with web3 games. We recognized early on that we would need the best web3 tech to further our goals and Sequence has been our go-to partner. They have a wide suite of amazing tools to help grow, track, and reward our community. We couldn't be more excited to be working with their team to push the web3 gaming space forward." said

Spike, Founder @ Waypoint Gaming

Sequence: the leading web3 tech partner powering Waypoint’s success

Accessibility and seamlessness have been the largest hurdle for web3 game adoption, and Waypoint needed an end-to-end, embedded solution to ensure that any gamer, any game, and any creator could benefit from its ecosystem. Waypoint tapped Sequence as the recognized leader in account abstraction, smart contract accounts, and game marketplaces to ensure that all participants—and the web3 game market as a whole—could level up its ability to reward players and developers. 

Waypoint’s first initiative is the launch of its Founders Badge, a free and gasless NFT pass built with Sequence that incentivizes developers, creators, and players to build and play exclusive web3 gaming titles.

The Founders Badge is a digital item that creates a meaningful value cycle, offers unique experiences, generates revenue, and removes the barrier to entry for those who wish to become an active part of the community. Additionally, the Founders Badge will promote the cross-pollination of gaming ecosystems, allowing gaming partners to benefit from additional exposure to new gamers in a variety of ways.

This pass leverages an innovative solution to deliver value to its holders: Sequence Builder, the first all-in-one no-code game development platform for web3 empowers builders to launch unique web3 experiences including games, loyalty programs, and community engagement initiatives. Sequence Builder furthers Sequence’s status as the original authors on account abstraction technology, which abstracts complexities traditionally associated with blockchain—such as cumbersome gas fees and onboarding processes—away from players, allowing for a completely web2-like embedded, native, and non-custodial experience. Sequence’s wallet solutions let players use email or social logins to invisibly create their accounts, claim or buy on-chain items, and be rewarded by their gameplay. 

Sequence Builder powers Waypoint’s community through the following solutions:

Wallet solutions: Battle-tested with more than 1M+ existing Sequence wallets and $40M+ on-chain transactions processed, Sequence’s wallet solutions are the gold standard in smart wallet creation and seamless onboarding experiences. Waypoint community members can create a web3 wallet in two clicks through their Gmail or social accounts or use their existing wallet like Metamask or WalletConnect. Players can enjoy seamless on-platform trading and airdrops thanks to easy payment checkouts using their credit or debit card while staying safe thanks to two-factor authentication (2FA).

Gas Tank: Sequence’s Gas Tank allows Waypoint to sponsor gas fees on behalf of Founders Badge holders so that they can mint and receive their items without worrying about how much credit they carry in their wallets.

Relayer: No more slow, unreliable, and costly on-chain transactions for Waypoint members. Relayer enables parallel processing (batching) of on-platform purchases and trading activities, even for different item types, such as ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155 tokens.

Minter: The Waypoint team can easily upload, deploy, mint, and manage game items or digital collectibles for its community, and filter and change item properties post-launch, including metadata.

Thanks to Sequence Builder, web3 communities like Waypoint can take advantage of infinite benefits that include:

  • Increased acquisition and growth of their users by offering seamless and unique experiences

  • Increased fandom and retention of community members by keeping value and interactions on-platform, without the involvement of third parties

  • Achieve all this without wasting time on complex tech implementations and without web3 proficiency — and so much more

“Waypoint is a visionary web3 initiative that seeks to address some of the biggest challenges not just in web3, but in gaming overall. Gaming struggles with user acquisition, discoverability, player incentivization, and engagement with content creators. Seamless web3 integrations and innovative platforms like Waypoint solve these pain points. We’re excited that Sequence Builder will realize this vision, relying on battle-tested and safe infrastructure. We are excited to see Waypoint grow and turn its ambitious plans into a best practice for the entire web3 gaming space ”

Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships @ Sequence

Sequence is the leading all-in-one development platform for integrating web3 into games. Onboard, monetize, grow, and retain players with Sequence’s award-winning technology. From collectibles and ownable rewards to fully on-chain experiences, Sequence’s easy-to-integrate platform solves blockchain complexities, so developers can focus on creative execution and delivering amazing player experiences. Trusted by hundreds of games and thousands of developers. Sequence is backed by Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Xsolla, Bitkraft, Brevan Howard, Coinbase, Polygon, and more. To learn more, please visit:

Written by

Megan Doyle

Growth Marketing Lead

Nicola Fraccaroli

Content Marketing Manager

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