Sequence Wallet and Marketplaces: streamlining onboarding and in-game experiences for Champions Ascension players

February 20 2024

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We are thrilled to announce our latest ecosystem partnership with Champions Ascension, the first Arena RPG developed by Rough House Games (formerly Plai Labs)!

Amidst the echoing halls of ancient coliseums and the sprawling landscapes of fantastical realms, Champions Ascension’s players embark on an immersive journey that focuses on the best of quest and battle-based gameplay.

Thanks to the game’s integration with Sequence’s all-in-one web3 development stack, players can enjoy a unique RPG adventure with their friends, fellow community of gamers, and a broader ecosystem of web3 experiences through a seamless, secure, and interoperable design — powered by Sequence.

Here’s what you need to know about Champions Ascension and the integration with Sequence Wallet and Marketplaces — and, of course, how you can get started in your journey to becoming the next Champion.

Champions Ascension: Rough House Games' first web3 RPG game

Champions Ascension characters

Founded by industry veterans Chris DeWolfe, Aber Whitcomb, Johnny Casamassina, Jairo Nieto, and Alejandro Gonzalez, Rough House Games has an incredible track record and renowned reputation in social media, game mechanics, and advanced technologies.

At the heart of Rough House Games is Champions Ascension, an Arena RPG, that offers players endless adventures, battles, and social interactions. Drawing inspiration from the success of iconic titles like World of Warcraft, the game invites players to embark on epic quests, engage in fierce battle arenas, and forge their destinies in the exciting world of Massina.

What sets Champions Ascension apart is its integration of blockchain technology leveraging the capabilities of Polygon Supernets and Polygon PoS. By embracing digital ownership as a cornerstone principle, the game empowers players to own their in-game items, nurturing a vibrant web3 gaming ecosystem of trading, battling, and collecting.

Champions Ascension Prime Eternals

Every character in Champions Ascension stands to rise to eternal glory. Players can collect, train, and evolve their champions, each possessing distinct strengths and abilities, in the hopes of reaching everlasting immortality. Players begin their journey with their free-to-play grunt, fighting through the ranks of ascension via combat, to reach Alpha Eternal. Those Eternals can then be minted onto the blockchain using a Sequence non-custodial wallet, making the transition from gaming to trading completely seamless. For those players who want to begin their journey with the best possible assets and rewards, Sequence Marketplace provides access to the highest-tier NFTs Champions, allowing for one-click ownership-to-gameplay.

Seamless player onboarding powered by Sequence Wallet and Marketplaces solutions

Champions Ascension web3 marketplace

Rough House Games selected Sequence for its integration, recognizing it as the premier technology and all-in-one solution for web3 game development, aiming to elevate the gaming experience for their players.

By integrating Sequence Marketplaces and Sequence Wallet, Champions Ascension ensures seamless onboarding, facilitating easy access to its growing ecosystem of players.

“By integrating Sequence's cutting-edge solutions such as Sequence Marketplaces and Sequence Wallet, we pave the way for a seamless and enriched experience for our players. We chose Sequence for its gaming-grade stack, through which we empower our community to journey through a safe and effortless onboarding. We are excited about the collaborative path ahead with Sequence and we anticipate boundless opportunities for our game and its devoted community thanks to its stack” said Alejandro Gonzalez, Co-Founder @ Rough House Games

With Sequence’s Marketplaces, Champions Ascension becomes a hub for trading Champions NFTs and digital items. If developers wish to explore its capabilities, Rough House Games’ team is leveraging this week the Sequence-powered Grand Bazaar, the in-game marketplace, for its Emperor's Legendary Crystals Event, their most monumental gaming saga to date, which will run until Feb 23rd, 2024 with epic battles and juicy rewards for participants!

Emperor's Legendary Crystals Event

What makes Sequence Marketplaces so special and unique for the game’s needs?

Effortless integration: Implementing in-game marketplaces becomes a breeze with Sequence Marketplaces, allowing developers to launch them within minutes while offering robust customization options to match the game's aesthetic.

Increased player engagement: By embedding a marketplace directly into the game, developers can keep players engaged and encourage spending on various in-game items and collectibles. No more interrupted gaming. Just pure fun.

Simplified transactions: With seamless compatibility with Sequence’s smart wallet solutions and Transaction API, transactions within the marketplace become smooth and secure, ensuring players enjoy instant checkouts and a hassle-free purchasing experience.

Automated royalties management: Sequence Marketplaces automate the enforcement and distribution of royalties to creators and developers, ensuring fair compensation for their contributions to the game's ecosystem, and fostering a sustainable marketplace environment.

Champions Ascension marketplace Sequence login

Champions Ascension players can seamlessly sign up and log in to the game, and store, manage, and trade their digital items and collectibles through Sequence Wallets, the gold standard in web3 gaming smart wallets:

Streamlined player onboarding: Sequence Wallet offers a frictionless onboarding process for players, allowing them to create a non-custodial, multi-chain smart contract wallet in just two clicks, using their social accounts or email, eliminating the need for players to remember complex seed phrases, ensuring a faster and smoother entry into the game.

Seamless NFT checkout: With built-in NFT checkout functionality, Sequence Wallet provides players with a familiar and convenient purchasing experience. Players can easily buy digital items and collectibles within the Grand Bazaar with efficient, secure, user-friendly, and familiar processes. 

Cost savings: Champions Ascension benefits from reduced costs for both developers and players through the sponsorship and batching of transactions. By minimizing gas fees associated with transactions and trades, the Sequence Wallet helps developers save on operational expenses while offering players a more cost-effective gaming experience.

Enhanced accessibility and onramps: Sequence Wallet ensures accessibility for players across various devices and platforms, allowing them to access their accounts seamlessly from any web browser, desktop, or mobile device. Additionally, the integration of fiat-to-crypto onramps enables players to easily convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency for in-game purchases.

Champions Ascension - Sequence Wallet
Champions Ascension - Sequence Wallet

“Champions Ascension’s team demanded battle-tested solutions to help them streamline player onboarding and cross traditional boundaries associated with web3 games to grow and retain communities. Sequence Wallet and Marketplaces do just that: they allow for an effortless and convenient experience while opening the doors to an entire ecosystem, with instant easy and integration to keep developers focused on making a great game,” Said Carl Aspeling, Head of Business Development @ Sequence

Champions Ascension stands firm on its commitment to innovation and user-centric design,  offering players an immersive and rewarding gaming experience unlike any other. With a dedicated team of 50 individuals tirelessly working on bringing the game to fruition, the future looks promising for both Rough House Games and its gaming community. We look forward to supporting its growth and success!

In the meantime, learn more about how Marketplaces and Sequence Wallet solutions can help game developers acquire, grow, monetize, and retain players. And sign up for Champions Ascension to access the game Alpha, or explore its Grand Bazaar and experience first-hand the unique opportunities it can offer to your player base! 

Sequence is the leading all-in-one development platform for integrating web3 into games. Onboard, monetize, grow, and retain players with Sequence’s award-winning technology. From collectibles and ownable rewards to fully on-chain experiences, Sequence’s easy-to-integrate platform solves blockchain complexities, so developers can focus on creative execution and delivering amazing player experiences. Trusted by hundreds of games, thousands of developers, and powering millions of users, Sequence is backed by Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Xsolla, Bitkraft, Brevan Howard, Coinbase, Polygon, and more. To learn more, please visit:

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