Seamless web3 onboarding, limitless adventures: how Sequence powers Planet Mojo's metaverse

September 1 2023

Partnership Sequence Planet Mojo

It’s an exciting day for Sequence as we share all of the details surrounding our strategic partnership with Planet Mojo!

Learn more about how this integration revolutionizes the web3 gaming landscape and highlights the shared commitment between Sequence and Planet Mojo to advance seamless, user-centric gameplay powered by web3.

About Sequence and Planet Mojo

In 2017, Horizon Blockchain Games, the creators of Sequence, introduced their first game, Skyweaver. It was during the early phases of the development process that challenges such as complex wallet setup, gas fees, and network intricacies soon emerged. In an effort to address these challenges and create a seamless onboarding experience into web3, Horizon developed Sequence, an all-in-one web3 developer toolkit that enables streamlined gaming and application development across multiple blockchain networks and environments.

Since its inception, Sequence has been on a relentless journey of growth and innovation. Projects have naturally gravitated toward utilizing our comprehensive suite of developer tools, recognizing our potential to lay the groundwork for crafting industry-leading games and applications. With Sequence’s seamless and powerful development toolkit at their fingertips, these projects have been empowered to create immersive gaming experiences that push the boundaries of possibility and redefine the gaming landscape as it naturally evolves.

It then comes as no surprise as to why Mystic Moose, the game studio behind Planet Mojo, decided to integrate with Sequence to develop their game and metaverse experience.

Planet Mojo is a continually evolving gaming world and platform built on Polygon, where enigmatic beings called Mojos emerge following a collision of an unknown object with a foreign planet — Planet Mojo. In the game, players engage in captivating gameplay within the Planet Mojo ecosystem such as Mojo Melee, an auto-chess battler recently featured on Amazon Prime Gaming as part of a six-month-long promotion, offering Prime users exclusive monthly drops of in-game items like Spellstones and currency packs, and digital collectibles, including novel champions and skins.

Spearheading the development of Planet Mojo is an experienced team comprising industry veterans, which firmly believe in blockchain gaming as the natural evolution of community growth and democratization within the space. The Planet Mojo team opted for a distinct focus on the Play-to-Own model rather than Play-to-Earn because they believe that gaming should primarily be about a player’s enjoyment rather than solely pursuing monetary gains.

With these foundational principles in mind, Sequence has seamlessly integrated with Planet Mojo, solidifying our position as one of the foremost driving forces behind the project’s exponential growth.

How Planet Mojo Leverages Sequence to Build Games Players Will Love

Planet Mojo’s vision is ambitious: building an expanding portfolio of competitive web3 games and environments which is all about ‘fun first’, giving everyone a chance to play their games, and creating an original, sustainable project that focuses on making games that players will love, while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Such a vision brings with it specific needs and requirements, which only a comprehensive web3 development stack could fulfill.

You may be wondering: How will players be able to sign up for a game account with ease and without the need to remember another password? How will players be able to store and use their owned digital items, such as Mojos or Champions, across completely different games or experiences? How can players browse game item collections and trade with other players safely, without slow loading times or failed transactions? And how is it possible to enable a smooth onboarding experience without incurring any costs in gas fees for players to participate?

Planet Mojo metaverse

That’s where Sequence comes into play. Sequence seamlessly integrates with Planet Mojo's current development stack, ensuring a smooth transition without the need for significant process adjustments. Additionally, Sequence empowers Planet Mojo's technical team to create innovative games and features that distinguish them as industry leaders within today’s expanding market. By utilizing Sequence, Planet Mojo benefits from the following:

Effortless web3 onboarding

Through social and email logins, Planet Mojo's user base can now effortlessly establish a non-custodial, multi-chain smart wallet with account abstraction — all in just two clicks. This is achieved without needing to download any software or be concerned about seed phrases.

Comprehensive solution

Sequence is a modular, complete development suite, allowing Planet Mojo to select specific components to leverage and add features as their project expands.

Planet Mojo chose to utilize the Sequence Marketplaces to build its white-label collectibles marketplace. They also leverage the Sequence Indexer and Node Gateway to ensure that players can browse Planet Mojo’s collections without any downtime and access additional metadata.

Additionally, Planet Mojo is able to sponsor gas fees for each user transaction and cut down costs by batching these transactions thanks to our Sequence Gas Sponsorship and Transaction API.

Finally, Planet Mojo leverages Sequence’s Unity SDK, which does not require technical teams to have any prior blockchain knowledge to apply this component of the Sequence stack.

Cutting-edge technology

The team at Sequence comprises influential figures in the web3 domain, including those responsible for developing global standards that underpin contemporary web3 experiences. This ensures that Planet Mojo is leveraging reliable, secure, and scalable technologies that continually support its growth trajectory.

Going for Pro

Given the scale at which Planet Mojo wished to build its metaverse, the team would have incurred considerable expenses to cover gas and service fees. The volume of smart contracts, transactions, and tokens involved would have made the development, launch, and maintenance processes much too cumbersome to sustain in the long term.

As committed and passionate partners, Sequence supported Planet Mojo once more to realize its vision by offering a plan tailored to its specific development needs: Sequence Pro. The Sequence Pro plan supports the growth and longevity of Planet Mojo with the following:

  • Additional free smart contract deployments

  • Even lower gas and transaction bundling fees

  • Cheaper token minting and distribution

  • Lower costs for platform uptime and API requests

Sequence Pro is a fundamental addition to achieving Planet Mojo's metaverse vision because it alleviates the financial costs that accompany their requirements for extensive development and scalability. Our Sequence Pro plan provides Planet Mojo, and many other web3 projects, with the infrastructure, resources, and tools they need to attain their goals in a way that’s effortless and financially feasible.

Immersive Gameplay, Endless Possibilities

Mojo Melee gameplay

The strategic partnership between Sequence and Planet Mojo marks an exciting leap forward in the web3 gaming landscape, where innovation converges with user-centered gameplay.

The integration not only addresses challenges faced within the realm of blockchain gaming but also underscores the seamless collaboration that empowers Planet Mojo's vision of a vibrant and value-adding web3 gaming experience.

"Working with Planet Mojo was a great opportunity to learn more about what our wider ecosystem of developers need for their players. With each new partnership, we learn more about the possibilities of blockchain features in our partner’s games and how best to grow their offering with their players’ needs in mind. The more we learn from our partners, the better we can meet their players where they are. This is just the beginning for Sequence and Planet Mojo and I'm excited to continue working closely with their team to advance gameplay through blockchain.” — Benjamin Ray (BD and Gaming Partnerships Manager, at Sequence).

"Partnering with Sequence is massive for both Planet Mojo and our players," said Mike Levine, CEO of Mystic Moose. "Their vision of bringing web3 gaming to a mass audience aligned with ours to make for a great partnership.” Sequence's all-in-one toolkit, additionally showcased through its Pro plan, has not only facilitated the development process for Planet Mojo but also represents the synergy between cutting-edge technology and a shared commitment to enhancing the player experience. Embrace your inner Mojo and level up your web3 gaming experience with Planet Mojo — powered by Sequence.

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