Sequence partners with Saltwater Games to create rewarding player experiences and incentives

May 30 2024

Sequence Saltwater Games partnership

Sequence is thrilled to partner with Saltwater Games, an innovative gaming studio, to power their growing web3 ecosystem. Our all-in-one development stack supports Saltwater Games to seamlessly integrate blockchain features into games built on their Arbitrum Orbit Layer 3 chain, XR One, to transform interactive entertainment with renowned IPs. Saltwater Games (SWG) chose to build on Arbitrum, another long-standing Sequence partner, to ensure a gaming environment where peak performance, security, and user engagement are top priorities. With genres spanning racing adventure, shooter, puzzle, sci-fi, horror, and familiar favorites such as Peaky Blinders and Doctor Who, Saltwater Games has positioned their gaming-focused blockchain, XR One, to deliver fun, immersive, and incentivized experiences for players to earn rewards from the games built on the chain.

From Peaky Blinders to XR One: Saltwater Games reimagines player XPs

Saltwater Games titles

Saltwater Games is made up of an alliance of studios, including Nexus Labs and Maze Theory, comprising more than 60 gaming veterans focused on creating deeply immersive experiences leveraging cutting-edge technologies like web3 and AI.

SWG has three key games building on the XR One Orbit Chain, Celeros, Resurgence, and Freerunner Championship, laser-focused on:

  • Immersive experiences that feel real and engaging, pushing the boundaries of sensory experiences in gaming.

  • Cutting-edge innovation that offers players frictionless access to the latest advancements in the gaming world from blockchain integrations to new VR features and other novel tech that enhance the gameplay experience.

  • Community-driven development where players have a say in how the games evolve and are governed on the XR Network.

  • Spectator fun through features like user-generated content, meta-game activities (e.g. side games or challenges related to the main game), and by incorporating established IPs into their games, allowing players to connect with familiar brands and characters like never before.

Saltwater Games: A web3 XP powered by Sequence technology

XR One Rewards platform

"At Saltwater Games, we have a deep-rooted passion for pushing boundaries and creating truly immersive experiences for gamers. Sequence's seamless web3 development platform has been a game-changer for us. Their tools empower our developers to easily integrate blockchain features without getting distracted by the complexities of the technology itself. This partnership allows us to focus on what we do best – launching innovative games – while Sequence handles the backend, ensuring a frictionless and engaging experience for our players."

David Plisek, Chief Operating Officer at Saltwater Games

Sequence’s all-in-one web3 development platform supports SWG with:

  1. Frictionless blockchain integration: Sequence provides a full range of intuitive, plug-and-play web3 development tools: smart contract management, digital collection launches, payment solutions, gas sponsorship, node services, game analytics, and more. This eliminates the need for each project to build their own infrastructure on XR One, allowing them to focus on game development and integrate web3 features seamlessly with Sequence.

  2. Superior player experience: Sequence's Embedded Wallets is used within SWG’s portfolio. This invisible wallet solution (gamer profile) simplifies players’ web3 experience. It enables the creation, management, and usage of fully functional EVM-compatible wallets that can be easily integrated into any game or experience with no transaction signing or pop-ups, no app downloads, extensions, or add-ons. All embedded within the game’s UI!

  3. Enhanced functionality: Sequence's Indexer and Transaction API enable developers to build features and functionalities specific to their games within the XR One ecosystem such as accessing and serving real-time item data and wallet balances, or making as many transactions as they want, in parallel, without worrying about gas balance or gas prices.

With Sequence, SWG has the infrastructure and tools to seamlessly integrate blockchain features into their games, creating a more friendly and feature-rich experience for developers and players. Our partnership enables Saltwater Games to focus on its core strength – developing cutting-edge, immersive games – while Sequence handles the rest.

"At Sequence, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Saltwater Games. Their commitment to innovating the gaming industry aligns perfectly with our vision of making web3 development accessible and intuitive. By providing Saltwater Games with our comprehensive development suite, we're empowering them to build the future of interactive experiences. This collaboration allows us to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in real-world settings, ultimately benefiting both developers and players in the gaming landscape."

Carl Aspeling, Head of Business Development, Sequence

There’s truly never been a better time to explore the next frontier of gaming.

If you’d like to learn more about how Sequence is empowering the next generation of web3 games, visit our dedicated docs section or reach out to our team to get started!

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Growth Marketing Lead

Nicola Fraccaroli

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