Sequence Embedded Wallets (Wallet as a Service) offers seamless and secure onboarding to Spellborne’s web3 world

February 13 2024

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It’s an amazing day here at Sequence as we announce our exciting new partnership with Spellborne, a web3 online role-play game (MMORPG).

Players want a seamless, integrated experience for managing digital items, enabling secure transactions without leaving the game environment, which is why Spellborne chose to integrate with Sequence Wallet as a Service (WaaS) to power its richly detailed world, brimming with magical wonders and captivating creatures. 

This marks our first official partnership announcement showcasing Sequence WaaS through the lens of Spellborne’s vintage pixel-art style, monster-taming web3 world. A whole new journey starts for Spellborne’s development team, and its player base — powered by Sequence WaaS!

Read on to learn more about Spellborne, its gameplay and vision, and how Sequence WaaS offers unmatched support in acquiring, retaining, and incentivizing web3 players with fun and immersive game designs!

Spellborne: reinventing classic MMORPGs

Spellborne, formerly Defimons, is a retro-inspired massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure built by Mon Studios, whose development team boasts gaming experts who have contributed to acclaimed titles such as Rainbow Six Siege and Dark Souls 3. 

Spellborne is currently in development and is set to go live by the end of February 2024 as a mobile-first title.

Set in the vibrant city of Isogashi, Spellborne follows the exploits of three intrepid children embarking on a quest to pursue their dreams amidst a world teeming with magic and menacing creatures. Their odyssey unfolds against the backdrop of looming threats posed by awakening guardians capable of unleashing catastrophic havoc.

One of the game's standout features is its open-ended narrative structure, allowing players the freedom to shape their adventures through many choices and paths. This dynamic storytelling approach ensures that every player's journey through Spellborne is unique, fostering replayability and personalized experiences.

Beyond its ever-evolving narrative, Spellborne offers numerous activities for players seeking a break from their epic quests. From crafting and farming to engaging in various mini-games the game seamlessly integrates classic gaming elements with contemporary twists, catering to a diverse range of player preferences.

Exploring Sequence Wallet as a Service: familiar onboarding, web3 UX solved

“At Spellborne, we recognize the importance of providing our players with a seamless, simple, and secure gaming experience. Integrating Sequence Wallet as a Service enables us to uphold our commitment to user convenience and safety, ensuring that our players can immerse themselves fully in our enchanting world without any worries about complexities usually associated with web3 and blockchain technology” said Ghosty, founder of Mon Studios

Spellborne promises the feeling of nostalgia for classic graphics, plots, and adventures but with so much more — a seamless player journey and easy onboarding experience into the world of blockchain gaming.

No more trade-offs between exploring blockchain-powered worlds and facing cumbersome experiences. Spellborne required a web3 tech solution that simplifies the acquisition, growth, and retention of its player base: Sequence Wallet as a Service, the most seamless non-custodial, account abstraction (AA) WaaS in the world, created by the team who pioneered and wrote the standards in AA and smart contract wallets.

So, what makes Sequence’s non-custodial Wallet as a Service a game changer for web3 titles like Spellborne?

Customizable player onboarding. Mon Studios developers can create seamless and fully embedded signup and login processes using their native game aesthetics and authentication system. No more third-party branding involved.

Player-friendly login options. Players can sign up and log in with their preferred methods, whether through email, social media, or existing authentication credentials across any device and natively in Unity and Unreal games. Secured by enterprise-grade two-factor authentication (2FA), WaaS users never need to download an app, extensions, or add-ons.

Uninterrupted gameplay. No more pop-ups disrupting in-game experiences. No more signing on-chain transactions. Just pure, fun, immersive gameplay. Spellborne players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without noticing any operations happening on the backend.

The best web3 gaming wallet. Each player sign-up will create a new Spellborne wallet on the backend, powered by Sequence. This wallet will enable in-game NFT checkouts via debit or credit card, gas fee sponsorship, and offer efficient batched transactions, within Spellborne’s world and any game across the EVM ecosystem. This takes a matter of seconds. Time-to-fun is immediate.

“By integrating Sequence Wallet as a Service into their game, Mon Studios ensures that players can fully engage with the enchanting world of Spellborne without any disruptions or concerns about blockchain complexities. It is a game-changing solution that, for the first time in our space, enables custom, fully embedded, seamless web3 gaming experiences. " Carl Aspeling, Head of Business Development @ Sequence

Delivering a captivating gaming experience that resonates with players across diverse demographics is an ambitious venture. Even more ambitious is innovating and venturing into worlds that seem uncharted to most game developers, like blockchain gaming. But integrating blockchain should not represent a challenge on the backend or in-game.

Sequence’s gaming-grade WaaS solution goes the extra mile to offer a simple, seamless, and convenient web3 experience, for both development teams and players.

Learn more about how your game can leverage Sequence Wallet as a Service to help you acquire, grow, and retain players. Reach out to us here!

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