Sequence partners with Xai to launch Xai Builder, an epic Layer 3 developer console for AAA gaming

May 29 2024

Sequence x Xai partnership: Xai Builder

Today marks the official launch of Xai Builder, an all-in-one developer console powered by Sequence technology.

The partnership between Xai and Sequence provides Xai developers with the most comprehensive web3 tooling and infrastructure suite, all within a familiar developer environment and UI.

With Xai Builder, game developers and content creators have everything they need to build amazing games that players will love, all in one seamless and intuitive interface.

Xai unlocks new web3 experiences for billions of gamers

Xai is the world’s first Layer 3 solution for AAA gaming. Powered by Offchain Labs’ Arbitrum technology, Xai was developed to enable real economies and open trade in the next generation of video games. 

Additionaly, Ex Populus, founded by experts from industry giants Activision, Pixar, Ubisoft, and others, is the pioneering game developer on the Xai chain and believes that blockchains should primarily serve as a backend technology, and complex web3 interactions should be abstracted away. This approach enables traditional gamers to enjoy the advantages of blockchain without encountering the often high barriers typically associated with web3 experiences.

This core philosophy underpins Xai’s mission of collaborating with top-tier, experienced game developers and partners to level up web3 gaming with smooth, secure, and immersive experiences. Xai empowers developers to explore new ways of incorporating blockchain benefits into their games, ultimately enriching the player experience. Xai’s gaming ecosystem is a testament to this with a portfolio spanning  Crypto Unicorns, Lost Glitches, Final Form, and many more.

Today, Xai is making it easier than ever to bring web2 gamers into the web3 ecosystem. Players don’t need to grapple with unfamiliar technology, hidden costs, unexpected charges, and unsafe transactions – Xai handles everything behind the scenes and offers a reliable and secure network, allowing players to focus on just one thing – having fun.

Xai Builder: The all-in-one developer console to integrate web3 into games

Xai Builder homepage

Xai Builder homepage

The collaboration between Xai and Sequence aims to empower developers with the tools and infrastructure required to build exceptional web3 applications and games. Xai Builder is the best solution for game developers to onboard, monetize, grow, and retain players.

“Several of our gaming partners have already begun leveraging Xai Builder to deploy their games to Xai. With our recently announced strategic partnership with MIX Games, We expect Xai Builder to help onboard hundreds of MIX’s titles to Xai over the next year, establishing Xai as the leading web3 gaming network."

Tobias Batton, CEO of Ex Populus and core contributor to Xai.

"The Arbitrum Foundation is excited about the potential Xai Builder unlocks for game development. By offering a user-friendly developer console with integrated features like gas fee elimination and familiar sign-up processes, Xai Builder removes significant barriers to entry for studios exploring web3 integration. We believe Xai Builder will be instrumental in bringing the power of blockchain to the next generation of Developers."

Elias Abi Daoud at The Arbitrum Foundation

By integrating Sequence Builder's technology with Xai, developers gain access to a powerful white-label development environment — Xai Builder  —  with the following features:

  • Smart wallet solutions: Streamlining in-game economies and item ownership through embedded wallets, safe social and email signups, and login processes, supported by cutting-edge account abstraction technology. 

  • Marketplaces: Enabling developers to launch their web3 marketplace and players to trade and interact with digital assets in minutes.

  • Collections: Empowering developers and creators to launch their digital collections fast and easily.

  • Debit and credit card payments: Providing convenient payment options for game items and collectibles.

  • Indexer: Enabling developers and players to browse and visualize game items and rewards including price history and metadata.

  • Gas sponsorship and Transaction API: Eliminating gas fees for players and ensuring a smooth experience thanks to batched guaranteed transactions.

  • Game analytics: Offering valuable insights into player behavior and application performance.

  • Game engine SDKs: Allowing developers to build cross-platform web3 experiences with unique solutions, on Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile, and web.

Together with Sequence, Xai is paving the way for a future of accessible web3 gaming for anyone eager to build a blockchain-powered experience.

“Game developers face a number of challenges, from technology and solutions to build the best games to distribution and publishing support. With Xai Builder and our partnership with Xai, game devs have everything they need: the world’s leading web3 games development platform and the world’s leading AAA chain and go-to-market support. We’re excited to power the future of gaming with Xai’s game partners, from the largest AAA web2 game publishers to incredible web3 native studios.”

Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sequence 

How to get started with Xai Builder

Explore Xai Builder: Visit Xai Builder and get started with plug-and-play, intuitive web3 tools to build your next great game. Focus on building your Xai application, and have peace of mind knowing the tech is powered by Sequence.

Stay connected with the Xai and Sequence developer communities for the latest updates and resources.

Sequence is the leading all-in-one development platform for integrating web3 into games. Onboard, monetize, grow, and retain players with Sequence’s award-winning technology. From collectibles and ownable rewards to fully on-chain experiences, Sequence’s easy-to-integrate platform solves blockchain complexities, so developers can focus on creative execution and delivering amazing player experiences. Trusted by hundreds of games and thousands of developers. Sequence is backed by Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Xsolla, Bitkraft, Brevan Howard, Coinbase, Polygon, and more. To learn more, please visit:

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