Sequence and Arbitrum equip TapNation's popular mobile gaming titles with web3 superpowers

March 28 2024

Partnership TapNation x Sequence x Arbitrum

Sequence is thrilled to announce its latest ecosystem partnership with leading mobile game publisher TapNation and Layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum. The seamless integration of Sequence’s all-in-one web3 development stack marks a significant advancement in mobile gaming with our leading infrastructure powering two of TapNation's most popular mobile games, Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League (both available on Android and iOS). To date, TapNation has released 100+ games with more than 1 billion downloads!

Strengthening the future of mobile gaming in web3

This integration underpins TapNation's commitment to being at the forefront of the web3 revolution in mobile gaming. The inclusion of web3 features in Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League not only enhances the gaming experience but also sets a new standard for innovation in the industry. By integrating web3 features into these games, players will have the opportunity to earn real-world assets through their gaming achievements, a move that is expected to revolutionize player engagement, growth, and retention.

Games overview: Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League

Popular TapNation title, Monster Squad Rush introduces players to a vibrant world reminiscent of classic Pokemon adventures. Players can team up with loyal companions and embark on a thrilling journey while navigating treacherous obstacles, collecting items to boost rewards, and overcoming challenges that stand in their way.

On the other hand, Cornhole League is a free-to-play mobile game that immerses players in a competitive beanbag-tossing championship experience.

The gameplay is refreshingly simple. Players can hone their skills and challenge competitors in tournaments to achieve exclusive rewards to climb the ranks.

Following successful collaborations with The Sandbox and others, TapNation continues to expand its web3 commitment, showcasing the organization’s dedication to pioneering the integration of blockchain technologies in mobile gaming. The integration of web3 features into Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League represents a major leap forward in the industry, further solidifying that web3 games are inevitable.

"At TapNation, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that enhance our players' experience. Our integration with Sequence and Arbitrum enables us to integrate cutting-edge web3 technology into our most popular gaming titles that open up new avenues for player engagement and in-game economies, while Sequence Builder's no-code platform ensures a smooth and efficient development process.”

Philippe Lenormand, Head of web3 at TapNation 

Leveraging Sequence Builder and Arbitrum for gold-standard gaming experiences

The joint effort between Sequence, TapNation, and Arbitrum leverages the unique capabilities of blockchain technology to create a more engaging and rewarding experience for gamers.

By integrating Sequence Builder — the world’s first all-in-one, no-code developer platform for web3 games — TapNation unlocks unique web3 experiences that boost player engagement, growth, and retention:

  • Effortless web3 gaming integration: Sequence Builder seamlessly integrates web3 features into TapNation’s gaming titles, allowing the team to deploy smart contracts, enable gasless transactions, and launch marketplaces – all in just a few clicks.

  • Complete web3 development stack: Sequence Builder’s no-code platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for web3 game development, including invisible web3 wallets, smart contract management, the launch of digital collections, blockchain data access, and player analytics.

  • Customizable and branded experiences: Sequence Builder empowers teams like TapNation to manage digital assets, distribute rewards, and control revenue streams through custom-branded marketplaces and experiences that are perfectly matched and aligned with the game's aesthetics.

  • Built for where players go: Whether it's Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile, or web,  Sequence Builder ensures user-friendly, secure, multiplatform experiences that players will love. Additionally, Sequence supports all EVM chains, L2s, subnets, app chains, and L3s, ensuring maximum reach and engagement for developers and gamers.

As a leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution initially developed by Offchain Labs,  Arbitrum offers ultra-fast, low-cost transactions with security derived from Ethereum through Optimistic Rollup technology. 

“It’s fantastic to see a leading game studio like TapNation adopt web3 features with the view to enhance player experience in two of their leading products. The combination of Sequence and Arbitrum will ensure this integration is seamless for the large audience that TapNation captivates.”

David Bolger, Senior Gaming Partnerships Manager at Offchain Labs

With Sequence Builder's no-code tools and Arbitrum's robust infrastructure and support programs, Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League’s players can benefit from an engaging and rewarding experience, while developers can easily implement web3 features to create immersive in-game economies.

This initiative marks a genuine leap forward in mobile gaming, bringing together the best-in-class technologies of Sequence, TapNation, and Arbitrum, setting new benchmarks for innovation and player satisfaction in web3 gaming.

Sequence is the all-in-one development platform for integrating web3 into games. Onboard, monetize, grow, and retain your players with our industry-leading technology. From collectibles and ownable rewards to fully on-chain experiences, Sequence’s modular stack solves technical challenges, allowing developers to concentrate on creative execution using our solutions: Sequence Builder, seamless smart wallet solutions, Marketplaces, Minter, Payments, Analytics, Indexer, Gas Tank and Relayer, Node Gateway, SDKs for mobile, Unity, and Unreal Engine, and more. Trusted by a growing ecosystem of web3, web2.5, and traditional games. Backed by Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Xsolla, Bitkraft, Brevan Howard, Coinbase, Polygon, and more. Everything gaming, all in one place.

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