Sequence and Astar Network collaborate to launch the Astar Studio developer console

May 20 2024

Astar Studio launches $200K grant program

Sequence is thrilled to join forces with Astar Network, the leading blockchain network in Japan and the first to integrate Polygon AggLayer! This powerhouse collaboration brings Astar Studio, a developer console powered by Sequence Builder.

Exploring Astar Network and Astar zkEVM

Astar Network

Astar Network comprises an entire network of creators, businesses, entertainment, and gaming enthusiasts. With origins in Japan, Astar’s community has more than 550,000 members, over 300 dapps, and boasts enterprise collaborations with CASIO, Japan Airlines (JAL), JR Kyushu, Mazda, and HIS which are the biggest blockchain projects to come out of Japan.

At the heart of the Astar network lies Astar zkEVM, its Layer-2 scaling solution that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to bring smooth and efficient web3 experiences to the Ethereum blockchain. Here's what makes Astar stand out:

  • Among the lowest transaction fees thanks to off-chain batched transactions which keeps costs down for developers and players

  • Existing Ethereum smart contracts run smoothly on Astar zkEVM

  • Full support for account abstraction (AA) technology and solutions means players will enjoy a smooth gaming experience

  • Developers can keep using their favorite tools like Remix, Hardhat, and Open Zeppelin

Astar zkEVM connects Ethereum, Polkadot, and Polygon, fostering collaboration and a unified experience.

Sequence and Astar enable developers to build web3 applications and games — on easy mode

Sequence Builder platform combined with Astar zkEVM's technology gives developers the tools to create amazing web3 applications and games with Astar Studio.

Here's how this collaboration simplifies web3 experiences for developers, creators, and players alike:

  • The integration enables developers to build seamlessly on Astar zkEVM (mainnet) and Astar ZKyoto (testnet) using the entire Sequence stack

  • Developers get full access to Sequence Builder's white-label developer console, Astar Studio. This means the opportunity to use features like smart wallet solutions, marketplaces, debit and credit card payments, gas sponsorship and relayers, analytics, game engine and mobile SDKs, through a single, intuitive dashboard

  • Sequence and Astar are offering a special $200,000 credit grant for selected Astar Studio projects leveraging at least one of the Astar Studio marketplace solutions. Developers can use these credits for any tool within the platform such as sponsoring gas for players. Selected grant recipients will also benefit from  reduced marketplace fees on the Astar Studio marketplace solution(s) utilized (either marketplace API and/or the browser marketplace) 

How to get started with Astar Studio

Explore Astar Studio: Sign up at Astar Studio and dive into a streamlined development workflow with plug-and-play, intuitive web3 tools. Focus on building your Astar application, and have peace of mind knowing the tech is powered by Sequence.

Get funded: Apply for the Astar Studio Credit Grant to see if your Astar zkEVM project is selected! Stay connected with the Astar and Sequence developer communities for the latest updates and resources.

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