Sequence powers Xai Vanguard: Genesis web3 questing campaign with Xai Builder

June 25 2024

Xai Vanguard: Genesis powered by Sequence

🚨Calling all web3 developers, players, content creators, and explorers! Sequence and Xai partner to empower developers on Xai with incentivized quests through the flagship Xai Builder developer console. Welcome to the next evolution of web3 gaming and rewards. Introducing Xai Vanguard: Genesis, an exciting months-long campaign that promises an epic lineup of game releases, quests, achievements, and rewards for players and developers in the Xai community. Xai Vanguard: Genesis is the next major milestone on the Xai roadmap after the recent launch of Xai Builder, an all-in-one developer console powered by Sequence technology. Many of Vanguard’s quests will center around the recently launched Xai Builder designed to onboard new games and applications to the Xai blockchain with exciting rewards up for grabs. Together with Galxe, Sequence and Xai are making it easier than ever to participate in the web3 gaming ecosystem.  Ten quests powered by Sequence. Ten more opportunities to get rewarded! Here’s what you need to know! 👇

What is Xai Vanguard: Genesis?

Sequence powers Xai Vanguard web3 games questing platform on Galxe

Think of Xai Vanguard: Genesis as an educational onboarding resource with a competitive twist. By completing specific quests and activities, participants have fun learning valuable skills and gaining a deeper understanding of Xai's blockchain technology, all while exploring new games and experiences on the chain. As a highly-anticipated premiere gaming activation, Xai Vanguard: Genesis follows the Xai Odyssey campaign which saw record-breaking results in the blockchain space including 500K+ connected wallets, 5M daily transactions and a total of $175 million in player rewards distributed. While Xai Odyssey was conducted entirely on the Xai testnet, the launch of Xai Vanguard marks the first campaign on the Xai mainnet.

How Sequence supports Xai Vanguard: Genesis

Xai Builder homepage

Xai Builder homepage

This exciting campaign — Build on Xai — puts Sequence and Xai Builder at the heart of the action, rewarding developers for their innovative contributions to the web3 gaming space. Xai Builder, a collaborative effort between Xai and Sequence, empowers game developers with the tools to build exceptional web3 games. This full-stack development platform streamlines the process by offering features like embedded wallets, web3 marketplaces, gas sponsorship, easy digital collections launches, effortless NFT checkouts, and much more. Additionally, Xai Builder supports major game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, allowing developers to create cross-platform experiences. With these features, Xai Builder offers a premiere solution to enhance onboarding, monetization, and player retention for crypto games.

"Following our Xai Builder announcement and strategic partnership, Xai was excited to double down on enabling developers, which is why Sequence is collaborating with Xai for the entire duration of Genesis as a flagship series of quests that get the community building. Accelerating developers to integrate web3 into existing web2 titles and new games is core to the future of Xai and the future of gaming, and we’re thrilled to partner with Xai on this innovative campaign. Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sequence

Getting started with Xai Vanguard: Genesis

As part of the Sequence x Xai Vanguard: Genesis chapter — Build on Xai — we’ve created a walkthrough resource to help guide you through the Xai Builder onboarding experience. You’ll learn to deploy smart contracts, mint NFTs, validate quests on Galxe, and so much more 👇

Complete quests powered by Sequence and get rewarded 👇

  • Quest 1: Visit Xai Builder and create an account

  • Quest 2: Follow Sequence on Twitter/X

  • Quest 3: Join the Sequence Developer Discord

  • Quest 4: Deploy an ERC 1155 smart contract on Xai mainnet through Xai Builder

  • Quest 5: Deploy an ERC 721 smart contract on Xai mainnet Xai Builder

  • Quest 6: Deploy an ERC 20 smart contract on Xai mainnet Xai Builder

  • Quest 7: Customize a Sequence Embedded Wallet in a web, Unity, or Unreal game and get 100 sign-ups (Easy)

  • Quest 8Customize a Sequence Embedded Wallet in a web, Unity, or Unreal game and get 10,000 sign-ups (Moderate)

  • Quest 9: Customize a Sequence Embedded Wallet in a web, Unity, or Unreal game and get 50,000 sign-ups (Advanced)

  • Quest 10: Launch a game with Xai Builder using Sequence White Label or Sequence Marketplace API and pass $5,000 in trading volume

As you complete quests across each campaign chapter, you will accumulate points on the Genesis leaderboard, tracking your contribution to the Xai community. The goal is to have fun, learn, participate with like-minded gamers, and get rewarded for your participation! If you have any questions or need support, reach out to us; we’d be happy to help!  Get started with Xai Builder and happy questing! ⚒️

Sequence is the leading all-in-one development platform for integrating web3 into games. Onboard, monetize, grow, and retain players with Sequence’s award-winning technology. From collectibles and ownable rewards to fully on-chain experiences, Sequence’s easy-to-integrate platform solves blockchain complexities, so developers can focus on creative execution and delivering amazing player experiences. Trusted by hundreds of games, thousands of developers, and powering millions of users, Sequence is backed by Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Xsolla, Bitkraft, Brevan Howard, Coinbase, Polygon, and more. To learn more, please visit:

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